Laptops For All is a grassroots endeavor to solicit laptop donations from startups and other organizations across the San Francisco Bay Area, fundraise for necessary repair parts, accessories and upgrades, and distribute them freely to those who can’t afford them.

We are newly-formed and seeking to fill an unmet need in the Bay Area, one of the most economically disproportionate areas in the world – beyond Internet access (a problem we seek to solve through collaboration with the People’s Open Network), education / resources (for which we collaborate with the Sudo Room open hackerspace in Oakland, California), and secure space to work on the former (both projects call the Omni Commons, a collective of collectives stewarding shared space and resources in Oakland, their home base of operations), everyone should possess the foremost critical component of digital literacy and participation – a laptop!

You can help by donating laptops, moneys, or volunteering your skills at hardware repair, community outreach, fundraising, and/or OS installation!