More donations needed!

30 laptops distributed thus far, w00t! but we outta money 🙁 i just ordered 7 more hard drives ($336) with the remainder of our crowdfunded moneys. we still need at least another $1,000 for remaining hard drives, batteries and power supplies. another 50 laptops to go! can u help by throwing into the pot? UPDATE: Read More

Beginning laptop distributions!

Thanks to your donations, we received all of the power supplies and most of the hard drives this week. 11 laptops have been distributed so far, and 18 await in the wings (we’re waiting on a package of hard drive mounting screws). However, as we’ve been going through and testing them individually, a bunch of Read More

Supplies ordered!

Wow! Thanks to y’allz amazing generosity, I was able to order the following today: * 27 128GB Solid State Hard Drives * 18 MagSafe I 85W power supplies for MacBooks * 15 PC power supplies * 8 power converter bits for existing chargers to work with slightly different Lenovo bits That’s roughly half of what Read More

Help Give Free Laptops to Oakland & SF Youth and Activists!

In late February of 2018, after approximately a year of back-and-forth messaging with an awesome activist employee at SF startup Credit Karma, Sudo Room finally secured a donation of 85 nice laptops! Unfortunately, none of them have hard drives nor power supplies. Your donation goes directly to the costs of buying them to realize the Read More